About the Game

AbraWordabra is an arcade puzzle game where you have to transform character blocks like Baby to letters by dropping them in a Magic Book and then use the letters to make or amend words.

Baby and other characters do get tired of course!

So you can lift them up and move them closer to the Magic Book, BUT if you move them the evil Marvo steals your points making it harder to reach the Target score and the next stage!

4 different play modes

1. Fill the gap

Here you have to fill in the missing letters of a word.

Do your best to get the character blocks to the Magic Book where they’ll transform into letter blocks which you use to Fill the Gap in a word.

Collect power ups as you make the word and try to reach the Target score to move on to the next level.

2. Mizz Spell

Marvo has been busy!

He has misspelled a lot of words and it's up to you to change the wrong letters and spell the word correctly.

Mizz Spell is fiendishly clever and will test both your arcade reflexes along with your spelling ability against the clock!

3. Ultimate Genius!

Let’s see how smart you are!

Make any word you want to score points and reach the Target score in a set time limit.

Remember, the longer the word the higher the score and the bigger the end of level Bonus.

Genius mode is just your brain against the clock, so who's going to win?

The clock is ticking!

4. Float on!

Float On features simple but compulsive arcade action as you tilt to steer balloons to ram the Magic book at the top of the screen.

If they get there the balloon releases a letter to safety!

Avoid Marvo’s pointy friends and nasties as boy do they do get mad!

Be careful, on higher levels more balloons are released at the same time and the action spreads across 2 screens, oh those sweaty palms!

Score Score Score

AbraWordabra will have you racking up highscores for its Leaderboards with special pay offs in game, from Power ups through to m-a-s-s-i-v-e end of level bonuses.

Here's just a taste of the power ups and features to look forward to:

  • Increase score.
  • Extra time, you'll need it!
  • Skip levels.
  • Gain an extra word life.
  • Speed up the character blocks.
  • Reveal letters.
  • Chain powerups to earn super, no make that M-E-G-A bonus points.
  • Earn H-U-G-E end of level bonuses for targets reached.
  • Play across up to 2 vertical screens of action in all play modes.
  • 20 plus achievements and more to come in updates.

The Team


Total ArKade Software Pty Ltd (TAKS) is a small developer based in Brisbane, Australia.

It is headed up by Tony Takoushi who started in the games industry in 1979 and has worked in senior publishing, media and game development.

The team is a mix of very talented students from Brisbane and external contractors.

Abrawordabra is the net result of 7 months intensive work using the finest talent available to Total ArKade Software in Australia. It is proudly Australian made and TAKS will look to hire more talented Australians. This is to ensure we have a strong and vibrant games industry that gives newcomers a real chance at a job alongside experienced professionals.

If you would like to comment on the game or have any suggestions for updates please use Contact Us or Twitter as we'd love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it :)